About Us

Our smurf account service is powered by group of skilled Counter Strike: Global Offensive players who made it to global elite rank by their own efforts in their main accounts .
www.Smurfcart.com provides clean csgo accounts to its clients .
For further queries use Live-Chat or Skype ( caution: impersonators) .
we believe in honesty and we do not use any cheat or script prior to selling accounts to our clients .

We are some CSGO lovers that think everyone deserves to be played in every ranks. Not only Global Elites should play hight tier matches,not only Silver 1 should play in low tier matches,they should get a chance in every rank system. And ti fulfil this moto,we have brought you Ranked Accounts. Some players might have been banned but its really hard to go to the level he was;he needs to start from the first. NO! We have ranked accounts that brings you previously made ranks that you deserve. Need a prime account? Yes! Prime! We have that accounts also where you can start directly from private rank 21.

Skype- smurfcart